Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mobile Telepresence on Cisco NERV

Cisco has installed mobile TelePresence on the Network Emergency Response Vehicle.

The Network Emergency Response Vehicle (NERV). Basically, a mobile communications vehicle that can act as a command center for your on-the-ground disaster management, as well as a central processing center for all the communications going on for that effort. Through Cisco's IPICS technology, which allows disparate radio systems to communicate with each other via IP translation, police, who are on one radio system, can talk with fire professionals who are on another radio system, who can talk with the National Guard, who are on another radio system. The NERV also has TelePresence, video surveillance, Wi-Fi, satellite communications, and IP telephony on-board.

In this short video, Bob Browning, Senior Manager of Tactical Operations Support at Cisco, gives us a tour of the NERV's technology and capabilities. This vehicle just returned from the Harris Fire and is exactly why interoperable communications systems are essential to successful disaster response and recovery.

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