Sunday, October 13, 2013

Free app today

I have made my app Remote Call Forward and Ring Ring Ring free today!  Download it and give me some feedback!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Apps update - Ring Ring Ring 1.2

Another apps that got update is Ring Ring Ring, this is an application that allow you to use your iPhone address book, click to dial using your IP phone.  So it reduces the hassle to sync your iPhone contact list with your UCM personal directory.  You simply use your iPhone contact list as your personal directory.

I haven't made much change to this app, for sure you can give me idea what feature should I add.  Basically I have just optimise it for the 4-inch Retina display.

You can get the entry from your address book by clicking the address book icon on the right.  Then the contact will show up.

Simply click on the phone number, then it will ask your IP phone to make phone calls.

Alternatively you can use the number pad instead of phone book entry to make calls.

App store:


Apps update - CME Config Generator 1.4

Just have some time to revisit my app in Apple app store, and update some of the bugs, adding new features and resizing for 4-inch display.  The first one available on shelf are CME Config Generator.

Added the new interactive mode to make the configure generation even more easier:

Also Phone database is also updated for new phones like 8831 and DX650.

Try it today and let me know your feedback!

Meraki Facebook Wifi

Just got a chance to test out an interesting Meraki feature – Facebook wifi.  That is basically used for say for example a wireless hotspot, instead of showing a boring, standard splash page, now you are redirected to a Facebook page and you are required to "Check-in" before you can access Internet.  Meraki's management portal is very easy to use, basically you don't need any guides / manual to set things up.

This is the Facebook Wifi help page, currently only Meraki and CMX supports this type of integration:

On the Facebook side, you need to make your page in the "Local Business" category, and provide a street address so that people can Check in to your place.  You can also configure the bypass mode, so that for people who do not have Facebook account, or don't want to use their Facebook account to check in, to either use a pre-shared code or even click through the splash page.

On Meraki you need to choose the splash page of your SSID to use Facebook Wifi:
Then it is all done!  You can now try to access Internet, you will be redirected to the Facebook check-in page before you can continue browsing the Internet.