Sunday, September 30, 2012

WebEx Social 3.0

Trying to setup WebEx Social 3.0 in my lab, and find it not as straight forward as I thought.  Some points to share:

1. First of all, there are 11 roles of WebEx Social VM and a minimum 12 VMs are required.  Make sure you have enough resource.

2.  Make sure you install the Director FIRST.  Then RDBMS SECOND.  Make sure the App Server (the web server actually) install and add to the Director LAST.  This is very very important.  I forced to redo my work the first time I install because I didn't install the App Server last.

3.  According to the guide in the above link, the default admin user for WebEx Social Web Login is

Password:  test

But this is WRONG!

The correct one should be,

Password:  test

Don't substitute "" with your company name, this is the exact text you need to input.

4.  For Search Store you need at least 2 VM, one for master and one for slave

5.  For RDBMS you can only have 1 VM, single point of failure?

Anyway still playing around, will update when I find something interesting.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sample IPSLA VO Configuration

My environment:  15.0(1)SE3, 3560 8-port switch

IP SLA VO is a tools to simulate video traffic in a network, especially you want to test the network readiness before the video endpoints are in place.

To enable IP SLA VO:

ip sla 1
 video 27010 source-ip source-port 20010 profile TELEPRESENCE
 duration 60
 frequency 75
ip sla schedule 1 life forever start-time now
ip sla enable reaction-alerts
ip sla responder

To make sure it is running:
Harbour-UC-SW02#sh ip sla stat 1
IPSLAs Latest Operation Statistics

IPSLA operation id: 1
Type of operation: video
Latest operation start time: 00:07:16 HKT Wed Aug 8 2012
Latest operation return code: OK
     Sender Transmitted:  57487
     Responder Received:  57487
Latency one-way time:
     Number of Latency one-way Samples: 37020
     Source to Destination Latency one way Min/Avg/Max: 0/5/11 milliseconds
     NTP sync state: SYNC
Inter Packet Delay Variation, RFC 5481 (IPDV):
     Number of SD IPDV Samples: 37019
     Source to Destination IPDV Min/Avg/Max: 0/500/1008 milliseconds
Packet Loss Values:
     Loss Source to Destination: 0
     Out Of Sequence: 0
Number of successes: 4
Number of failures: 0
Operation time to live: Forever

Prime Collaboration Manager 1.2 - Device Discovery Tips & Tricks

- Make sure the phones (e.g. 9971) that are registered to UCM with web access enabled
- To discover devices on UCM, make sure a JTAPI application user is created.  This user needs to associate to all devices that wants to monitor
- For EX60, you cannot use empty password for http, otherwise it cannot be discovered
- In order to get the mediatrace to work, correct WSMA configuration is needed on routers and switches, here is the sample:

username panda priv 15 password panda
ip http authentication local
ip http secure-server

ip sla responder

mediatrace responder
mediatrace initiator source-interface GigabitEthernet0/0

wsma agent exec profile WSMA-LISTENER-HTTPS
wsma agent config profile WSMA-LISTENER-HTTPS
wsma profile listener WSMA-LISTENER-HTTPS
 transport https

Cisco VXC 6215 Demo (Cantonese)

Sorry again if you don't understand Cantonese!

Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager 1.2 Demo (Cantonese)

Sorry if you don't understand Cantonese!