Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Factory Reset a Cisco Cius

There are several reasons that you need to factory reset series, you will know the reason when you need to factory reset it.  :)
These are the steps
1. Power down the device.
2. Keep the settings key and back key on the device pressed(the outer 2 keys at the bottom of the device) and power it up.
3. You will see that it powers on and a red LED next to the front camera will start blinking.
4. Once it starts blinking press the volume buttons + and - at the side of your device for 6 times alternately. i.e., + - + - + -
5. Once this sequence is pressed, you will see a solid red light for a while and this confirms that the factory reset is going on.
6. After the reset is done the device will boot up.


Anonymous said...

Thanks!! these instructions were very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Great post! It just works!