Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Create tftp bindings for phone firmware automatically on CME

My environment:  IOS 12.4(24)T1, CME 7.1, Cisco 2821
You can create automatic tftp bindings for all phone firmware instead of doing it manually one by one by using the “load” command under “telephony-service”.  Make sure you include the firmware file suffix in order to make the tftp binding automatically.  Without the suffix you need to configure it manually with the command “tftp-server flash:xxxx.loads”, etc.
load 7962 SCCP42.8-4-2S.loads
You might see this error after issuing the above load command:
LOAD COMMAND ERROR:cnf-file location system is not supported for creating automatic tftp bindings. Please use file location flash | slot0 | tftp OR create tftp bindings manually
Make sure you’ve entered the command “cnf-file location flash:” under “telephony-service” to specify the firmware location, then the error will go away!

An iPhone app for CME Config Generation: