Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"Record" button on Cisco IP phone

This is how the "Record" button on the IP phone works from the end user perspective.  Make sure you have select "Selective Call Recording Enabled" in "Recording Option" under your DN.  In my lab I am using UCM 9.1 and MediaSense 9.1, and if you using BiB active recording it doesn't support video today because the BiB only support voice.  If you are using CUBE SIP media folking it should works with video, however I haven't tried yet.

MediaSense 9.1 - The new Search and Play UI

In the new MediaSense 9.1 there is a new basic search and play portal available and you can access the link using the below URL:


This is how the UI looks like, and make sure JRE is installed if you want to playback your recording.

This is a screenshot to playback a video recording.

Role Based Access Control for UCCE Configuration Manager

On UCCE you might want to delegate some of the admin work on Configuration Manager to different user groups like supervisors, script developer, etc.  You can achieve it with the User List and Feature Control Set List.  First of all you need to create the Feature Control Set based on the features you want to delegate per user / user group, then assign to the user.  So the end user experience is, when the user (in my case tedison, his AD credential) login his Windows with AW client installed, he can only read / change the features controlled by the Feature Control Set List.

On the left you will see a full feature Configuration Manager, on the right side is the Configuration Manager of tedison controlled by the Feature Control List.

Mobile Agent configuration on UCCE + Finesse

Mobile Agent is a powerful feature allows agent to use non-Cisco IP phone (I.e. Analog phone, mobile phone, etc) as the agent phone.  The configuration is surprisingly easy.  Before we go into the configuration, let's take a look at the screenshot on how it looks like on the agent desktop.

The first screenshot the mobile agent is using the nailed connection, which means the phone calls are "always on".  When the agent login the Finesse desktop, the system will make a outgoing phone call to the mobile agent phone and you need to answer the call before the login process is completed.  Then you will listen to the MOH until you receive any customer inbound calls.

The second screenshot the mobile agent is using the call by call mode.  In this mode the system will not call out to the mobile agent phone, until a customer inbound call is received.  During the Finesse login process you don't need to receive phone calls before the login process is completed.  The drawback is the customer might receive ringback tone when the system connect the call with the agent.

On UCM the configuration is simple.  You need to create 2 CTI ports, one local (agent extension, you need this during login Finesse) and one remote (another unique extension making calls to your mobile agent phone), start with the string LCP and RCP when you enter the device name, then associated the CTI port to the UCCE JTAPI user.  Also remember to set the max call to 2 and busy trigger to 1.

Real Time Agent Data not display in CUIC

Recently I have built a demo environment with UCCE 9.0 + CVP 9.0 + Finesse 9.1 + CUIC 9.0.  There is an issue on CUIC that all the real time statistics are unable to display.  Eventually I've found out there is a mismatch between the "Site Name" on PG and AW.  So if you encountered the same issue, make sure the site name is match in the PG setup and your AW configuration

1. On AW PG Explorer, check the site name under your CM PG PIM

2. Make sure the SiteName in the registry is match with what you set in AW.  Also make sure in the AW web setup you have the same site name entered.

Then check out the CUIC real time stock reports and now you will be able to view the real time data.