Monday, October 17, 2011

iPhoto 9.2 crashes with PhotoStream enabled

My environment: Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2, iPhoto 9.2

I have my Mac OS and iPhoto updated, with the new capability PhotoStream which allows you synchronize your photos on iPhone and iPad via iCloud. The problem is when I enabled PhotoStream on iPhoto, it crashes every time when iPhoto is launched. The resolution is removed the 3ivx in your Mac. What I have done is to search 3ivx in spotlight, then use the uninstaller to install it. Crap!

This is the post that I have found my solution:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ring Ring Ring - Remote Control your Cisco IP Phone to make outbound calls from iPhone, using iPhone address book entries

Ring Ring Ring is an iPhone application that remote your Cisco IP Phone to make outbound call, base on the address book entries on your iPhone!  Your iPhone address book now becomes your Cisco IP phone address book!

Key features: 
- Remote control your phone to make outbound call, 1-click to call
- Information that has been entered are saved, no need to input every time 
- Support up to 5 phone entries from your iPhone address book 
- Support all Cisco IP phones 
- Support Cisco UCM

Check it out:

Demo Video:

Facebook page:

Screen capture:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Updating VXC 2112 / 2212 firmware without VXC Manager

My environment:  VXC 2112 and VXC 2212, with firmware 7.0_213

I have got a chance to hands on with the new Cisco Virtual Experience Client (VXC) 2112 and 2212.  The model number ends with 2 means it is a unit connecting to the Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp environment.

I have a need to upgrade it from firmware version 7.0_213 to 7.0_214, because according to the release notes, 7.0_214 is the first version to support XenDesktop 5 and XenApp 6.

You can upgrade it with the VXC Manager, however in my environment I haven't set that up, so there is a way to upgrade those standalone unit via FTP.

1.  You can add the following options in your DHCP pool, I am using a switch as the DHCP server:

ip dhcp pool vxc-pool
  option 161 ip
  option 162 ascii firmware$
  option 184 ascii panda
  option 185 ascii eatsbamboo

option 161 is the DHCP server IP address
option 162 is the FTP path, in my case it is
Put the firmware file in the wnos folder, the firmware should name like this ZC0_wnos
option 184 is the FTP username
option 185 is the FTP password

2. Reboot your VXC client to get the update options from DHCP server.  Monitor your FTP server logs, and also the VXC on screen display.  It should be complete within 5 secs.

You will now have the new firmware on the VXC unit!  I have tried to connect it to XenDesktop 5 and XenApp 6 and it just works like a charm!