Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ring Ring Ring - Remote Control your Cisco IP Phone to make outbound calls from iPhone, using iPhone address book entries

Ring Ring Ring is an iPhone application that remote your Cisco IP Phone to make outbound call, base on the address book entries on your iPhone!  Your iPhone address book now becomes your Cisco IP phone address book!

Key features: 
- Remote control your phone to make outbound call, 1-click to call
- Information that has been entered are saved, no need to input every time 
- Support up to 5 phone entries from your iPhone address book 
- Support all Cisco IP phones 
- Support Cisco UCM

Check it out:

Demo Video:

Facebook page:

Screen capture:


n o said...

A few suggestions:
1)scale phone numbers so all 10digits appear on screen
2)allow phone button presses for additional phone control
3)grab png image from ScreenShot every few seconds to see phone screen display image
Keep up the good work!

Panda eats bamboo said...

Great comment, will consider to add these cool stuff in future release! Thanks for your comment!