Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MediaSense 9.1 - The new Search and Play UI

In the new MediaSense 9.1 there is a new basic search and play portal available and you can access the link using the below URL:


This is how the UI looks like, and make sure JRE is installed if you want to playback your recording.

This is a screenshot to playback a video recording.


Anonymous said...

Hello, should I be able to record a video greeting using jabber 9.7? I've followed the install dock and everything "looks" good as it relates to testing but when I call into Unity Connection 10.0 it doesn't seem to recognize I'm calling from a video capable device. Any insight you can share on how to actually record a video greeting is appreciated. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm struggling with the ability to call into my voicemail account using Jabber 9.7 and have Unity recognize that I am calling from a video capable device and give me the ability to record a video greeting. All my "Tests" look good and I can't seem to get past this point. Any insight you can offer is appreciated. Thanks!

Jamin Horton said...

Hello, I've configured Media Sense 10.0 with Unity Connection 10.0. According to the install document I should be good, all my "tests" pass. I'm trying to call into Unity Connection using my Jabber 9.7 client. I was hopeful Unity would recognize that I'm calling from a video capable device and that my COS has video enabled. However I can only seem to record audio greetings. I would like to better understand how I can actually record a video greeting. Thanks for your time!

Jamin Horton said...

Hello, I've installed MediaSense 10.0 with Unity Connection 10.0 According to the install document it should work, all my "tests" pass. However when calling into Unity using Jabber 9.7 it fails to recognize I'm using a video capable device. I've enabled video on the COS. Any help you can offer in actually recording a greeting is appreciate. Thanks!

Danny Wong said...

Hi Jamin,

I have the exact same issue in my lab, I have tried to use my EX and other video devices without getting the video greetings working, will update you when I get it solved.

malik ilyas said...


i am having a similar issue, did you guys manage to resolve it and if yes, can you please share the finding with me.


malik ilyas said...

Issue resolves, the integration between unity and CUCM , need to SIP