Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jabber for Windows on Win 8

Did a very basic test to run Jabber for Windows on Windows 8 (my home PC), works well  :)

Case Sensitivity in UCM URI DIaling

It is case sensitive on 9.0, and you can change the UCM "Enterprise Parameter" > "URI Lookup Policy"  to case insensitive in 9.1 onwards.  Default it is still case sensitive.

This is what I've extracted from the UC 9.x SRND

Jabber for iPad demo - Chinese Zodiac

Working on a Jabber demo…..too boring to use the name "User 123" or "Demo User" as username for the demo accounts.  Wanna use something more interesting…..

Setting Menu Password on Cisco Personal Telepresence

You can optionally setup menu password on the EX series (as well as C series codec and SX20), so that the users cannot change the administrator settings on the Telepresence Touch Panel.

1.  SSH to the unit using the admin credential

2.  Issue the command:

xCommand SystemUnit MenuPassword Set Password: panda123

To clear the password, you can use the following:

xCommand SystemUnit MenuPassword Set Password: ""

Get Call Quality Statistics via UCM CMR

You can get the call quality statistics like MOS, jitter, latency, etc via CMR on Cisco UC Manager.  This is a sample report that you can retrieve from the CDR/CMR report.

On the CMR dump file you can see the details, check out the destvarVQMMetrics for MOS score:

You need to configure UCM so that the QoS column in the report will show the correct information instead of "NA".

1.  On CDR configuration page, Under System > Scheduler > CDR load, Uncheck "Load CDR only", so that CMR will be loaded together with CDR.

2. Under UCM Service Parameter, change the "Call Diagnostics Enabled" value to "Enabled Only When CDR Enabled Flag is True"

Then restart CDR scheduler under Servicability if you want it take effects immediately.

P.S.  My lab system is running UCM 9.1

Monday, February 4, 2013

Windows 8 Enterprise Activation

Just installed Windows 8 on my PC, due to an hard disk issue I have decided to move on to Windows 8 to experience how good / bad it is.  My first impression is quite bad, at least I have found it quite difficult to do my very first thing after every Windows installation - using IE to download Chrome.

Secondly the Windows activation failed.  It didn't prompt me for key during installation, and it can't be activated after finish installation.  I've got an error message saying "Windows can't activate right now.  Error Code: 0x8007007B"

This is the way I have done:

1.  Download Pokki to get your "Start" button back.  It is free and works well.

2.  With the "Start" button back, I can access my command prompt now, run the command prompt with admin right.

3.  Run the command "slmgr /upk" to uninstall the original product key.

4.  Run the command "slmgr /ipk XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX" to install your key.

5.  Try to activate again and it will work!