Thursday, February 21, 2013

Get Call Quality Statistics via UCM CMR

You can get the call quality statistics like MOS, jitter, latency, etc via CMR on Cisco UC Manager.  This is a sample report that you can retrieve from the CDR/CMR report.

On the CMR dump file you can see the details, check out the destvarVQMMetrics for MOS score:

You need to configure UCM so that the QoS column in the report will show the correct information instead of "NA".

1.  On CDR configuration page, Under System > Scheduler > CDR load, Uncheck "Load CDR only", so that CMR will be loaded together with CDR.

2. Under UCM Service Parameter, change the "Call Diagnostics Enabled" value to "Enabled Only When CDR Enabled Flag is True"

Then restart CDR scheduler under Servicability if you want it take effects immediately.

P.S.  My lab system is running UCM 9.1

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