Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cisco UCM 8.6 using Cisco Telepresence MCU as Ad-hoc Video Conferencing Resource

My environment:  UCM 8.6.1-20000-1, Cisco Telepresence MCU 4510 4.3(1.27)

WIth the latest UCM 8.6, Cisco Telepresence MCU (previously known as Codian) can be registered to UCM via SIP as an ad hoc video conference resource, similar to what CUVC can do before.

1.  Media Resource > Conference Bridge, choose Cisco Telepresence MCU from the dropdown box.  Fill in the Conference bridge name, IP address as well as the HTTP username and password.



2.  Secondly, add this video conference bridge into your Media Resource Group and then assign it to Media Resource Group List.  Assign it to the phone that will initiate the ad-hoc video conferencing.

3. Go to the Cisco Telepresence MCU web page, Settings > SIP, the SIP registrar domain is the IP address of your UCM, the username is the Conference Bridge name specified in UCM.  Choose “Enabled” in SIP registrar usage.  In my beta release there is a bug saying that it is unregistered on MCU web page, however in UCM it shows that the MCU is registered.  You can ignore this unregistered message as it is actually working according to my testing.


4.  Then initiate a call from the Cisco video-enabled IP phone.  You will see the multiparty video conference is established successfully.  In my testing I have a 8945, 9951 and a EX60 with TC5.0 beta that is registered to UCM natively.




Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remote Call Forward - Call Forward your desk phone extension to your mobile

Remote Call Forward is an iPhone application that allows you to call forward your desk phone calls to your preferred numbers, mostly your mobile phone, when you are away from your desk.

It works with Cisco UC Manager, if you are on premises you can access UCM with wifi; if you are on the road, you can access the corporate network via Cisco AnyConnect VPN, provided that your company has a ASA / ISR headend in place.

Key features:
- Call Forward your desk phone extension when you are away from phone
- Works with wifi when you are on premises
- Works with Cisco Anyconnect when you are off premises
- Save your profile

Note:  The end user need to have Standard AXL API access right in order to use this app!

Check it out:

Video Demo:

Facebook Group:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Changing EX60 Background

My environment:  EX60, TC4.2

To change the EX60 background, access the EX60 admin web page -

Default username admin and no password.  Upload the wallpaper, make sure the file format is png and the maximum size is 1920x1200.  If you upload the file resolution larger than 1920x1200, you will see a black screen on EX60 instead of your preferred wallpaper.

After uploading your wallpaper at the admin page, go to Advanced Configuration > Video > Wallpaper, change it to custom.  If you don't see the change, switch it to "None" then switch it back to custom.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

CUPC Deskphone Video

My environment: UCM 8.5.1, CUP 8.5.1, CUPC, 8.5.3, 9951 with firmware 9.1.1SR1

It is a headache for people that deployed CUVA and loves the experience but they want to upgrade the PC to Windows 7. Currently Windows 7 doesn't support CUVA and one of the alternative is to use CUPC to run deskphone mode with video as it supports CAST in the latest CUPC version.

There are a couple of tips and tricks that you need to bear in mind in order to get this working:

1. Enable "Video Capability" in device
2. Connect your PC to the integrated switch of the phone
3. If that is the new 9951 and 9971 phone, make sure the Unified Camera is not attached to the phone, otherwise CAST connection will be rejected.
4. Check the server health and make sure "Deskphone video" shows green light instead of orange exclamation mark.

Try to make a call and you will have "CUVA" experience with CUPC!

Friday, September 2, 2011

JQ Phone - Customize your Cisco IP Phone by iPhone

JQ Phone is an application that allows you to change your Cisco IP Phone background and customize it into an unique phone.  You can use the iPhone library or take a picture live and send it to IP phone as background image.  You can view it as the iPhone version of phone designer.  It works with Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

JQ = IP + 1, when you add something to your IP phone, it will become a totally unique phone for you

Key features:
- Support background photos from media library in iPhone or take live pictures from iPhone
- Support most color IP phones, including 9971, 9951, 8961, 7975, 7971, 7970, 7965 and 7945
- Save your settings so that you don't need to enter over and over again

Check it out:

Demo Video:
Facebook Page: