Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remote Call Forward - Call Forward your desk phone extension to your mobile

Remote Call Forward is an iPhone application that allows you to call forward your desk phone calls to your preferred numbers, mostly your mobile phone, when you are away from your desk.

It works with Cisco UC Manager, if you are on premises you can access UCM with wifi; if you are on the road, you can access the corporate network via Cisco AnyConnect VPN, provided that your company has a ASA / ISR headend in place.

Key features:
- Call Forward your desk phone extension when you are away from phone
- Works with wifi when you are on premises
- Works with Cisco Anyconnect when you are off premises
- Save your profile

Note:  The end user need to have Standard AXL API access right in order to use this app!

Check it out:

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Chase C said...

I am the admin of a CUCM and I cannot get your app to work. I do not have AnyConnect for VPN nor do I have private network access via wifi. I connect with JunOS Pulse VPN and can get to CCMUser page, but cannot get your app to work. How can I troubleshoot?

Chase C said...

If you give Standard AXL API access to a user then they can access any extension with this app.

That is a problem.

Panda eats bamboo said...

Yes and this is the limitation of the API. Let me see what I can do in the future version.

Can you use the same credential to login the CCM user page?