Monday, April 12, 2010

Learning Nexus 7000 QoS by Example

My environment: Nexus 7010, NX-OS 4.2

Just got a chance to play with the Nexus 7000 NX-OS QoS, the “mls qos” syntax has gone and now all the commands are based on MQC.


In the following example, I’m going to configure 2 ingress ports, one with high priority traffic and one with normal traffic, and at egress port high priority traffic will be assigned to PQ to dequeue first.



N7K# conf t

class-map type queuing match-any 1p3q4t-out-pq1

  match cos 5

It can only be done via the main VDC.  It can’t be done on child VDC.  And you can ONLY match cos in the class-map.


Now let’s mark the ingress traffic, I will do this at the port assigned to the vdc “test”.

N7K# switchto vdc test


policy-map type queuing highpriority-in-policy

   class type queuing 2q4t-in-q-default

     set cos 5

Scheduling and Queuing

Finally, I want to assign the high priority traffic (cos=5) to PQ


policy-map type queuing highpriority-out-policy

  class type queuing 1p3q4t-out-pq1

    priority level 1

Last step is to assign service policy to the interface:


int e3/1

description - High Priority – Ingress -

service-policy type queuing input highpriority-in-policy


int e3/2

description – Low Priority – Ingress -


int e3/3

description – Egress Port -

service-policy type queuing output highpriority-out-policy