Monday, August 9, 2010

Contact Center Express 8 - Nuance Integration

My environment:

Cisco Contact Center Express (UCCX)

ASR - Nuance Voice Recognizer 9.0.3

TTS - Nuance RealSpeak 4.5.4

MRCP Server - Nuance Speech Server 5.0.9

All 3 Nuance software are installed on the same Windows 2003 server.

If you want TTS and ASR capabilities for UCCX, Nuance is one of the option to provide you both capabilities. Voice Recognizer is the automatic speech recognition engine and RealSpeak provides text-to-speech capability. You will first need to install Voice Recognizer and RealSpeak as well as its language packs, finally install NSS, and load the software license to the license manager.

Start the Nuance Speech Manager in Windows Services MMC:


Then configure UCCX by first create the ASR provider, in my case it is Nuance:


Configure ASR Server, which is your Nuance server address:


"REACHABLE" means the NSS on Nuance is working properly with port 4900/tcp listening. 4900/tcp for MRCP version 1 integration and 5060/tcp for MRCP version 2 integration.

Add appropriate languages to the ASR server:


Next step is to create MRCP ASR Dialog group


For TTS configuration, it is pretty much similar. First specify the TTS provider:


Then add TTS server:


Add the language and gender for your TTS server:


If you are using demo license, make sure you follow the instruction below to modify Nuance config file:


Anonymous said...

we have seen many issues with uccx not releasing the mrcp port connection back to the NSS server (even after a teardown request). This occurs after quite a bit of call volume and has been difficult to troublshoot. I wonder if you have seen similar issues?
Having a hard time getting cisco to resolve the issue but it seems like it might be a known issue:

Great Blog BTW!

Anonymous said...

Do you know were to download the Nuance TTS kit to play with it in the lab ?

Colin Zhong said...

yeah, it's great if we can get Nuance for free.

Danny Wong said...

You can contact your local Nuance sales to get demo license