Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Real Time Agent Data not display in CUIC

Recently I have built a demo environment with UCCE 9.0 + CVP 9.0 + Finesse 9.1 + CUIC 9.0.  There is an issue on CUIC that all the real time statistics are unable to display.  Eventually I've found out there is a mismatch between the "Site Name" on PG and AW.  So if you encountered the same issue, make sure the site name is match in the PG setup and your AW configuration

1. On AW PG Explorer, check the site name under your CM PG PIM

2. Make sure the SiteName in the registry is match with what you set in AW.  Also make sure in the AW web setup you have the same site name entered.

Then check out the CUIC real time stock reports and now you will be able to view the real time data.

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