Friday, December 18, 2009

Auto Smartports Macros

My environment: Cisco 3560E, IOS 12.2(53)SE

Auto Smartports Macros is a feature that provide easy and automatic way in deploying switchport configuration based on the endpoint types.  The device is identified based on CDP, MAC address, OUI etc.

To enable Auto Smartports:

macro auto global processing

You might want to change the Auto Smarport Macro default value say for example the access and voice vlan, say for example if you want to change the IP phone access vlan to 10 and voice vlan to 20:

macro auto device phone ACCESS_VLAN=10 VOICE_VLAN=20

to verify the change, type:

show macro auto device


If the end device doesn’t support CDP, you can classify the device based on OUI (the first 3 bytes of the MAC address) or full MAC address.  Say for example you want to use mac address trigger for your digital media player (DMP) which is not defined in the default OUI list.

macro auto mac-address group DMP-MAC-GROUP

mac-address list 000f.1234.5678


to verify, type:

show macro auto address-group

To see which port applies what macros:

show macro auto interface


show run interface gi0/16


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