Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cisco WAAS Cheatsheet

I've prepare a cheatsheet after playing WAAS for months, share with you guys here:

Router with separate interface for WAE connection
access-list 100 permit tcp any any
access-list 100 deny ip any any

ip wccp 61 redirect-list 100
ip wccp 62 redirect-list 100

ip cef

int fa0/0
desc "To LAN"
ip wccp 61 redirect in
duplex full
speed 100

int fa0/1
desc "To WAE"
duplex full
speed 100

int s0
desc "To WAN"
ip wccp 62 redirect in

Router with dot1q sub-interfaces for LAN and WAE
ip wccp 61
ip wccp 62

ip cef

int fa0/0
desc -- dot1q trunk to both client LAN and WAE lan --
duplex full
speed 100

int fa0/0.1
desc -- To LAN --
ip wccp 61 redirect in
ip wccp 62 redirect out

int fa0/0.2
desc -- To WAE appliance --
ip wccp redirect exclude in

int s0
desc -- To WAN - Nothing needs to be done here --

Router - Verify
- sh proc cpu
- sh ip wccp

WAE - Config
no cms enable
no central address
central address
cms enable
ntp server
ntp server
ip name-server
no wccp router-list 1
wccp router-list 1 x.x.x.x y.y.y.y

WAE - verify
sh cms info
sh wccp routers

Useful command
- sh wccp gre
- sh wccp routers
- sh wccp services
- clear cache dre
- sh stat dre
- sh stat dre con
- sh stat dre con server-p 80
- sh stat tfo
- sh stat bypass
- sh alarms
- sh cms info
- sh disks
- sh proc cpu
- sh tfo status
- sh tfo con sum
- sh tfo con server-p 80
- sh tfo auto-discovery
- sh wccp file-engine
- tcpdump
- tethereal
- cms deregister force
- sh clock detail
- sh ntp status
- sh disk failed-sectors
- sh disk tech-support
- sh proc system count 10 delay 5
- sh cifs auto-discovery status
- sh policy-engine application dynamic
- sh cifs auto-discovery host-db
- sh cifs auto-discovery last
- sh cifs sessions count
- sh cifs sessions list

- sh ip wccp
- sh ip wccp 61 det
- sh ip wccp int

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for the info. I had actually configured my WAAS routers / WAEs in the same way that you mentioned (it was good to see that I had done it correctly). However while I do see some optimization via the CM GUI the Application Acceleration is not showing anything. Have you experienced anything like this?

Any help is welcome!