Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Share clipboard and map network drive on rDesktop

I've introduced rDesktop as a remote desktop tools on Linux last month:


Let me give you one more useful example on rDesktop. If you want to share your clipboard with the destination hosts, and map your local drive as your server's network drive.

Share clipboard and map network drive
rdesktop -u administrator -r clipboard:PRIMARYCLIPBOARD -r disk:panda=/home/panda

With this you are able to share the clipboard and drive with your remote desktop destination PC.


Tariq said...

Just the thing i needed, thanks a lot

Gliktch said...

Just like Tarig, this was exactly what I needed - an example of the -r disk: command. Thanks so much!

I keep finding things that are easier to do in Linux Mint than Windoze! (I still like my streamlined windoze xp mind you) :)

Cheers again,
- Gliktch