Thursday, May 26, 2011

Configuring Live Record in Cisco Unity Connection

My environment:  UCM, CUC

Live record is a cool feature that you can record your conversation or even serve as a voice memo by dialing in a number, and the recording will be stored in your own voice mailbox.

To configure Live Record, first of all you need to create a DN on UCM:

1. UCM > Call Routing > Directory Number > Add New
2. Enter a DN, say for example 1188.  Configure partition and CSS base on your environment
3. CFA to the voicemail pilot number

On CUC, you need to do the following:
1. CUC > Call Routing > Forwarded Routing Rules > Add New
2. Enter Live Record in Description field and select Save.
3. On the Edit Forwarded Routing Rule page, in the status field, select Active
4. Under Send Call To, select Conversation
5. In the Conversation list, select Start Live Record
6. Under Routing Rule Condition, select Add New
7. On the new Forwarded Routing Rule Condition page, select Dialed number
8. Select Equals and enter the Live Record pilot number, in my case the number is 1188.  Then select Save.

Done!  Call in 1188 to try, or you can call others and conference to this number.  The recording will be stored in your VM mailbox.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for documenting this! I would probably have been hunting through Cisco docs for a while. It works in 8.0 as well.

Anonymous said...

Works pretty well so long as your Ad-Hoc conf settings are not set to never drop. Also, beware that you should implement after-hours, becuase when you first add the rule and save it there are no rule conditions at first. Until you set the rule condition it applies to all. In my case, the result was forwarded calls were going to the opening greeting sys CH. But once I put in the rule condition all was well.

Shaik Nishthar Hussain said...

What if i want to record more than 10 users communication.? if you have configuration please send to my mail id

Shaik Nishthar Hussain said...

how can i configure call recording for more than 10 users in Unity server.

If you have configuration please send by email.

Deepak Lekawale said...

Its working great, Is it possible to auto add live conference number in each call without manually adding it in conference .