Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Visual Voicemail Walkthrough

My environment: UCM and CUC

There are several steps that are required in order to get the visual voicemail working

1.  Firstly you need to create a voicemail pilot number for reverse TRAP connection.

UCM > Advanced Features > Voice Mail > Voice Mail Pilot

Suggest don't use special character, I used *1200 and I've found it is not working after setting the reverse trap routing rules.  After removing the *, it works perfectly.

2. Assuming you are using SCCP integration, create a hunt pilot and includes your voice mail ports hunt list

UCM > Call Routing > Route / Hunt > Hunt Pilot

3. Configure voicemail web service on Unity Connection

CUC > System Settings > Advanced > Connection Administration

4. Configure a reverse TRAP rule, this is a very important step.  

CUC > Call Management > Call Routing > Direct Routing Rules > Add New

I have hit by a bug that some of the phones with visual voicemail widget works correctly, others are keep saying "You call cannot be completed as dial" message, and the phone is calling 5555 instead of the configured pilot number.  

The workaround is, rename your rule to "Route to Reverse TRaP" instead of other names.  

Create a routing rule condition, "Add New" in routing rule conditions.  Select "Dialed Number" and "Equals" it to the voicemail pilot number, in my case the number is 1200.

If you have hit the same bug as me, rename the direct routing rule, unsubscribe the services on phone, reset the phone, subscribe the service again, then it will work.  At least it is working in my case.  :)

In "Send Caller To" section, select "Conversation" option and select "Reverse TRAP" from the list box, save your rule

You can call your TRAP number, you should hear several seconds of silence.  You can also use RTMT CUC port monitor to make sure the call is answered by the voicemail port and the conversation is reverse TRAP.

5. Configure message indicator count

CUC > Telephony Integrations > Phone Systems

Check "Send Message Counts", save your configuration.

6. Suggest to balance your service if you are having a CUC cluster.  You can create a DNS Host record (A) pointing to the two CUC ip address, and use this FQDN for your visual voicemail URL link.

7. Create visual voicemail service on UCM

UCM > Device > Device Settings > Phone Services

Add New phone services, the service URL is

Congratulations, you are done!  Click on the message button, choose Visual Voicemail give it a try!

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