Friday, November 18, 2011

Creating Rendezvous (Meetme) Conference on UCM + Cisco Telepresence MCU

My environment:  UCM 8.6.1-20000-1, Cisco Telepresence MCU 4510 4.3(1.27)

Previously in the last blog post:

We have successfully configured Cisco Telepresence MCU as ad-hoc conference resource on UCM.  The caveat is this ad-hoc video conference resource can’t be used on Tandberg endpoint such as EX60 today, because there is no conference soft key or hard key for the conference initiator to start the conference.  The alternative is meetme conference.  However you might want password protected meetme conference, you can achieve it by configuring Rendezvous meeting on Cisco Telepresence MCU.

1.  Add the Cisco Telepresence MCU as H323 gateway on UCM


2. Create Route List, Route Group, then Route Pattern.  Standard stuff.

3. Create Route Pattern with the destination to this H323 gateway.  In my case, my route pattern is 1357.

4. Then go to Cisco Telepresence MCU.  Add UCM IP address as H323 gateway.


5. Create Rendezvous Conference, the numeric ID is the number that you previously created on UCM route pattern, 1234 is the PIN to protect this meeting.


Test it by calling 1357.  Then you should see the screen asking for PIN.  Enter the PIN then you are now in the rendezvous meeting.



This is not official support.  Currently you can’t configure the MCU as media resource (UCM ad-hoc, meetme) and MCU rendezvous at the same time with the same MCU, however it works.  Make sure you are not using the UCM software MTP.  With that MTP in your MRGL or your default <none> MRGL, EX60/90 will become audio only. 

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