Sunday, January 29, 2012

FRF.12 Link Fragmentation and Interleaving calculation

Assuming we want to configure FRF.12 with interleaving and fragmentation delay of 10ms on a 768Kbps link:

Delay = Frame size (bits) / Link Bandwidth (bps)
0.01s = Frame size (bits) / 768,000 bps
Frame size = 7680 bits = 960 bytes

This is the configuration example extracted from the AutoQoS applied on the frame relay sub-interface

map-class frame-relay AutoQoS-FR-Se0/0/0:1-202
  frame-relay cir 768000
  frame-relay bc 7680
  frame-relay be 0
  frame-relay mincir 768000
  frame-relay fragment 960
  service-policy output AutoQoS-Policy-Trust

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