Thursday, April 24, 2014

Making Cisco Telepresence calls using API and cURL

For those EX, SX, MX and C-series codec which are running TC firmware, you can use the below method to make and disconnect call with CURL using its XML API.  In my lab environment I am using TC7.1, however earlier release will also work.  My video endpoint IP address is and going to make a phone call to number 8334.

Make call
[root@ns3 ~]# curl -k -u admin:panda123 -H "Content-type: text/xml;" -d @ex.xml

<Command><DialResult status="OK" item="1">
  <CallId item="1">7</CallId>
  <ConferenceId item="1">6</ConferenceId>

ex.xml file content:
<Command><Dial command="True"><Number>8334</Number><Protocol>h323</Protocol></Dial></Command>

Disconnect All calls
[root@ns3 ~]# curl -k -u admin:panda123 -H "Content-type: text/xml;" -d @ex2.xml

<Command><DisconnectAllResult status="OK" item="1"/>

ex2.xml file content:
<Command><Call command="True"><DisconnectAll></DisconnectAll></Call></Command>

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