Friday, April 3, 2009

Playing Audio file on Cisco Digital Media Player

My environment:

Cisco Digital Media Player 4400, version 5.0.2

Cisco Digital Media Manager 5.0.2

It is easy to play video on digital media player, you just need to put your video file link in the video playlist via the digital media designer (DMD).  But if you want to play an audio file on DMP, it is not supported natively in this version.  So the workaround is you can convert the audio file to a video file.  One of the option is using Cisco Media Experience Engine (MXE) 3000, another alternative is to use an open source utility ffmpeg.  Here is an example on to do the conversion:

ffmpeg -i /var/www/html/dms/audio.wav -target pal-vcd /var/www/html/dms/video.mpg

Put the resulting video file inside the video playlist then you can play this “audio” on DMP!

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