Friday, April 3, 2009

External Database integration with Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 5.0

My environment:

Unified Communications Manager 6.1

Unified Contact Center 5.0

MySQL Server 5.0.45 on RH FC8

You can use query or update the external database (e.g. MySQL in my example) in your call flow, by creating an aef script with Cisco CRS Editor. 

1. Download MySQL ODBC connector from MySQL’s website:

2. Install it on the CRS server.  Add a new system DSN in Administrative tools > Data Sources (ODBC).


3. Under CRS Web admin page, go to Subsystems > Database, add a new datasource.



4. In CRS Editor, create a script or modify your existing script using the Database Steps.  Below are several example screen shots on how to use the Database Steps.

DB Read Step


Press “Refresh Database Schema” if you don’t see the data source name you’ve just created in step 3.


DB Get Step

You should define DB Read Step before the DB Get Step.  DB Read step is used to define the SQL statement, and DB Get step is used to store the resultset to local variable.



DB Write Step

DB Write Step is used for INSERT and UPDATE statement.



The last one DB release step is used to release the database connection.

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