Saturday, May 2, 2009

Configuring Cisco Unity Connection for IMAP Client Access

My environment: Unity Connection 7.0

To enable IMAP access on Unity Connection, it is not as obvious as expected, because the setting is under the “SMTP Configuration” session.

1. System Settings > SMTP Configuration > Server

2. On the Edit menu, click Search IP Address Access List

3. To add a new IP address to the list, click Add New

4. Enter * to allow all hosts. Of course you can make it more restrictive

5. Save

6. Check the “Allow Connection” checkbox, otherwise all hosts will be rejected.

7. Save again.

8. Done. You can now use your mail client to access Unity Connection mailbox via IMAP. Make sure you have the IMAP license for your users otherwise you will not able to connect to CUC with IMAP.


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