Monday, August 3, 2009

Configuring Windows 2003 Server DNS in IPv6 environment

My environment: Windows 2003 Server Enterprise edition

You can configure your Windows 2K3 server to listen over IPv6, what you need to do is to enable it through command prompt:

dnscmd /config /EnableIPv6 1

Then restart your DNS service.

To add an IPv6 host record, you’ll need to add an “AAAA” record instead of an “A” host record like you did in IPv4.

Right click on your domain name in the forward lookup zones, choose “Other New Records”


Add a new AAAA record:



To check if it is working, you can either using nslookup on Windows or dig on Linux:

dig -6 @c0:a8:a::c8 AAAA


nslookup –q=AAAA


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