Sunday, January 16, 2011

cBarge and Privacy on CME

My environment:  CME 7.0

Barge (SIP)
- use built-in bridge
- max 3 parties
- for SIP shared line only

cBarge (SCCP and SIP)
- SCCP octo-line
- SIP shared line

- SCCP octo-line and SIP shared line
- enabled by default

Privacy on Hold
- disabled by default

cBarge Configuration (SCCP)
! Enabling cBarge Softkey
ephone-template  1
softkeys remote-in-use  CBarge Newcall

ephone  1
ephone-template 1
button  1:1

! Create IOS conference bridge
sccp local gi0/0.502
sccp ccm id 1 ver 7.0

sccp group ccm group 1
     associate ccm 1 pri 1
     associate profile 1 register CME-CFB

dspfarm profile 1 conference
     codec g711ulaw
     max session 4
     associate application SCCP
     no shut

     sdspfarm unit 4
     sdspfarm tag 1 CME-CFB
     conference hardware

Privacy and Privacy on Hold
! System Level

! Phone Level
ephone 1
     privacy on

Show Command
sh sdspfarm unit all
sh sccp
sh dspfarm dsp all

- When privacy on hold is enabled globally, when the phone enabled privacy (the privacy button is on), you can't see the phone is on hold on the shared line.  If you disable the privacy on hold, then even the privacy button is on, you can see the phone is on hold.

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