Thursday, July 3, 2014

Upgrading 3850 IOS-XE software

Just got a chance to play with 3850, the upgrade operation on the 3850 IOS-XE platform is a bit different from traditional IOS.  By default it is booted in "Install" mode, which uses a package provisioning file called packages.conf in flash.  If you want to change it back to the legacy way to do IOS upgrade, you can change to "Bundle" mode, however it is not recommended as additional memory is needed.

You can see the mode from show version.

To upgrade new IOS, you can download the .bin file from just like you do it in legacy IOS, then copy it to flash.  Then you can issue the command "software install file flash:cat3k_blablabla.bin" to kick start the installation process.  After reload you will have the new IOS-XE booted.

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