Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Getting started with Unified Access on 3850

My lab environment:  XE 3.6.0

To start playing with 3850 unified access, it is quite simple.  The first thing to do is to enable the web interface.  

1.  First of all, make sure you have your SVI with IP address configured.  In my lab my SVI is VLAN216.

interface Vlan216
 ip address

2.  Then enable the http and https server on the switch with local authentication.  I have made an assumption here you have already got local user created with privilege level 15.

ip http server
ip http authentication local
ip http secure-server

3. Change the wireless management interface to your management VLAN SVI.  In my lab I am using the same VLAN for simplicity.

wireless management interface Vlan216

4.  Since my lab environment is a single switch environment, you need to change it to mobility controller (MC) so that the access point can join your 3850 controller.  By default it is set as mobility agent (MA)

wireless mobility controller

5.  You can also set your AP country in advance to make sure you use the correct frequency.

ap country HK

Now you can try to access the web GUI via

Dashboard (showing 1 x 11ac client is associated to my 3702 AP)
AVC stat per WLAN

CleanAir detects interference source

Per Client AVC stats

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