Friday, October 24, 2014

Is 2960 / 2960-X a layer 3 switch?

Maybe you will answer NO immediately.  That is my understanding before too!  However recently I've found out this is not the case!  I have my old 2960 PD 8-port compact switch, upgraded with 15.0(2)SE6 LAN Base image and make it "routable"!  All you need to do is, change the SDM template, using the command "sdm prefer lanbase-default" and reboot it.  After that you will be able to configure SVI with IP addresses, as well as configure static routes and default gateway on that switches.  I have tried 2960-X and it resulted the same.  Just need to make sure you are using the LAN Base version of IOS, not LAN Lite as LAN Lite doesn't have this capability.  

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Howard Tang said...

Love your blog! You work for Cisco?