Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Using Spark for my routers and switches config backup

Not the most innovative idea in the world, but it works for me.  In my home and lab there are quite a number of routers and switches.  This is what I've configured on the devices to periodically upload the config to the FTP server

ip ftp source-interface
ip ftp username nms
ip ftp password nms
file prompt quiet
kron policy-list backup
 cli copy running-config
kron occurrence daily-backup at 0:30 recurring
 policy-list backup

There is another script running on my Linux host to post these config files to Spark using the Spark Message API.  Good thing for Spark is it is persistent, and I can store the config files there as long as I want.

I do it for my development source code too, similar concept.

A script will be executed every night using the linux box cron job to get this done.  Or do it manually, by asking my chatbot to do it.

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