Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Expressway 8.8 registration - in action

In the previous post I've shared that the latest Expressway 8.8 supports endpoint registration:

I want to give it a try therefore I have upgraded my lab Expressway C to the latest version 8.8.  First of all there is a getting started wizard, and it will let you decide what role the Expressway will play and it will customize the UI accordingly and hide those that are not needed.

New license types are introduced (Room systems, Desktop systems), and it aligns with the UCM licensing model.  You will need UCL Enhanced / CUWL for desktop systems, and Telepresence room system license for Room systems.

I've some difficulties in using the endpoint activation wizard to register it to Expressway.  However it works well when I manually do it on the codec web admin page.  Under SIP configuration:

It is now registered, it can be seen from the codec admin page:

From the Expressway admin page:

This is how it looks on the DX70 itself:

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Cisco Freak said...


Can this feature be used to register DX/SX from outside the network?