Monday, July 4, 2016

Follow up - LDAP search features on UCM 11.5

In the previous post, I've tested the new LDAP search (LDAP-UDS proxy) features on UCM 11.5:

In my test, this new features only work for those video endpoints such as DX, but not IP phones such as 8861, 7975 and 9971 that were hooked up to my lab UCM.  It was confirmed that the devices that support the UDS API search will support this feature, in the case of IP phones such as 8861, it is using CCMCIP and not UDS and that's why it doesn't work.  So to summarize:

Devices that support the UDS API such as DX:
- when I do an user search, it will use the UCM as an UDS proxy to query the LDAP servers, and will return the results from the LDAP servers.  No UCM local users will be searched.

Devices that do not support the UDS API, and using CCMCIP, such as 8861 IP phones
- when I do a corporate directory search, it will return the UCM local database, it could be a mix of LDAP synchronized users and UCM local users depends on the actual environment.  UCM will return the result instead of proxy the requests to the LDAP server at the backend.

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