Thursday, November 12, 2009

Single Button Barge

My Environment: UC Manager

The single button barge or cBarge allows a user to press the shared line button of the remotely active call (the phone that is in remote in use state), to be added to the call with all parties.

Barge – uses Built-in conference bridge of the phone that is being barged

cBarge – Using the shared conference bridge

Most of the settings are done under “System” > “Service Parameters”

1. Set the “Built-in Bridge Enable” parameter to “On”.  This step is only required if you want to configure Barge rather than cBarge.


2. Set the “Party Entrance Tone”to “True”


3.  To enable single button barge for all users, set the “single button barge / cBarge” to either barge or cBarge


4. The phone privacy is turned on by default.  You can turn it off globally or by individual phone or using the privacy programmable line key.


5. Try the single button barge now!

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