Thursday, November 19, 2009

Setting up a sFTP server on Windows for DRS

My environment: UC Manager

For security reason, DRS only allows to transfer backup files to sFTP server if you don’t want to backup to tape.  Here is a simple tutorial on how to setup a sFTP server on Windows.

1. Get the OpenSSH windows package here.  Install it.

2. Open a command prompt, go to the installation directory.  e.g. c:\program files\openssh

3. Create group file in command prompt

mkgroup –l >> ..\etc\group

4. Add user to passwd file.  The users need to be an existing Windows user.  Say for example the username is panda.

mkpasswd –l –u panda >> ..\etc\passwd

5. You can change the home folder in passwd file.  Otherwise your home folder will be the OpenSSH installation folder.

6. Start the OpenSSH service.

7. Very important reminder is, make sure you have write permission to your home folder, otherwise DRS can’t write to it!

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