Thursday, November 12, 2009

Using UC Manager Software Conference Bridge as conferencing resource

My environment: UC Manager

You can either use the DSP on ISR as conferencing resource, or using the software conference bridge comes with UC Manager.  This tutorial is a quick guide how to configure and use UC Manager Software conference bridge (CFB) for audio conference.

1.  Go to UC Manager Administration page. 

“Media Resources” > “Conference Bridge”.  Make sure your software conference bridge is registered to your UCM.  You don’t have to do anything, it should be enabled by default.


2. Create a Media Resource Group to include your CFB.

“Media Resources” > “Media Resource Group” > “Add New”


3. Put your Media Resource Group into a Media Resource Group List

“Media Resources” > “Media Resource Group List” > “Add New”


4. Assign the Media Resource Group List (MRGL) into the Device Pool or the phone

“System” > “Device Pool”


5. Reset the phone and try to make a 3-party conference call!

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