Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cisco Jabber for Windows with UDS

User Data Interface is the new application interface that allows Cisco Jabber for Windows to search UCM user database and make user contacts available to Jabber for Windows user, you can search and add the contact to Jabber for Windows buddy list.  Not necessary UCM local user, you can synchronize AD users to UCM, then make it available to Jabber via UDS.  This is what I am doing in my lab.

To enable UDS, you need to create a new xml file namely jabber-config.xml.  The following example xml file enables UDS as well as using presence credential for phone services.

Remember to save this file in UTF-8 encoding.  Upload this file to UCM via UCM OS administration, to its root folder.  Then restart TFTP service on UCM and try to login via Jabber for Windows, then you can search and add contacts from UCM user contacts.
My environment:  UCM 8.6.2 + CUP 8.6.2 + Jabber for Windows 9.0.2

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techgnome said...

Is there a final answer on this? I have looked all over. I want my username to display in the Jabber client not and I want to be able to search the users in CUCM. Just this file does not provide that setup.