Tuesday, July 31, 2012

URI Dialing on UC 9.0 - Directory URI

For UC 9.0, users can dial the called party via URI if they are using 8961, 9951 or 9971.  You can import a LDAP attribute from the AD server, say for example email address, as the URI for that particular DN, known as directory URI.

1.  From System > LDAP > LDAP Directory, choose the Directory URI mapping to the appropriate LDAP attribute.  In my case I will use the mail attribute as the directory URI.

2.  Configure the phone and DN as what you always did.  Then associate the User to the phone device.  Make sure the primary extension is chosen, which is the DN you want the directory URI to bind with.  This is VERY IMPORTANT.  Without that you will not find it working.

3.  Check your DN again, you should see the directory URI appears magically.

4. The Directory URI is put into an automatically generated partition called "Directory URI".  If you wanna call other DN with Directory URI configured, make sure your CSS has the partition Directory URI.

You can try to make a call now.  It only supports on hook dialing for URI dialing, so you press the new call softkey, the press the "A B C" softkey so that you can enter alphanumeric characters.

If you don't want to call the full directory URI, you want to call without the domain name, make sure you change the following in the Enterprise parameter.

One point to note, when you have the URI and name configured on the DN, even you call each other via DN number, the bubble display on phone will still shows URI instead of DN number, even in the Call List it will show URI instead of DN, so when you redial actually you are calling back via URI instead of DN.

Test your call now and good luck!


Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you for this post. I seem to have problem with entering letters in 9971 Cisco IP phone. Only numbers are allowed by default. How do I change that?

Danny Wong said...

Did you see the "ABC" softkeys? And what is your firmware version?

Anonymous said...

I don't see ABC softkey. I have 9.2.1 firmware. I suppose I have to upgrade to 9.3.1

Danny Wong said...

Yes you need 9.3.1

Aysar Mohamed said...

i have the latest version and i made a call between 8961 version 9.3.4 and 9971
version 9.3.4 once i dialid the email it dial but after one second it change to the normal name and dn instead of name and email

what could be the issue