Thursday, July 5, 2012

Unable to recognize the Camera on 9971 / 9951

In my recent testing I've found that there is an issue in recognizing the camera on 9971 / 9951 when it is powered by PoE, with CDP on the switch DISABLED.  When you "show power inline", without CDP enabled, the power that is drawn is 15.4W and the device type is IEEE PD.  On the phone you will not see the camera under the "Accessories" and no "Self-View" soft keys available on the phone.  "Video capabilities" and "Cisco Camera" have already enabled on UCM admin page under the 9971 device.

In that case you need to enable CDP on the switch, when you "show power inline" you will see the power that drawn is around 12W and the device type is Cisco 9971.  Under "Accessories" in the phone admin settings you will see the camera is recognized, and you can "Self-View" on the phone.

There is no such issue if you are using a power cube or power injector.

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