Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Enabling AutoQoS on Catalyst Switches

You can use one single command to enable QoS on your catalyst switches, and QoS will be applied to the switchports automatically.

Catalyst (config-if) # auto qos voip cisco-phone

It can achieve the following with AutoQoS macro:

  • Enforces a trust boundary at Cisco IP Phones
  • Enforces a trust boundary on Catalyst switch access ports and uplinks/downlinks
  • Enables Catalyst strict priority queuing for voice and weighted round robin queuing for data traffic
  • Modifies queue admission criteria (i.e. CoS to-queue mapping)
  • Modifies queue sizes, as well as queue weights where required
  • Modifies CoS-to-DSCP and IP precedence to-DSCP mappings

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