Friday, February 22, 2008


Xming is a X Window server on MS Windows platform for free. Good thing is it doesn't rely on Cygwin and easy too use. Most importantly it can work together with PuTTY which is probably one of the applications I used most in my life.

1. Get your packages here:

2. Change the settings of your shortcut on desktop by appending the parameter "-ac" at the end of the "target" box. Double click the shortcut to start Xming.

3. Make sure your personal firewall is allowed 6000/tcp.

4. In PuTTY > SSH > X11, check "Enable X11 forwarding".

5. Connect to your Linux box, type "export DISPLAY="". is your IP address.

6. Type "xterm &" then you will see your X terminal on Windows!

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