Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cisco UC Manager 6 & Presence Server 6 Integration

The UC 6 and CUP 6 integration is pretty simple and straight forward. I have made a simple step-by-step guide, and hopefully it can help you guys.

1. Configure default inter-presence group subscription service parameter
a. CUCM > System > Service Parameter
b. select your CCM server
c. select service "Cisco CallManager"
d. configure the “Default inter-presence group subscription” service parameter to "Allow Subscription" (Default is Disable Subscription)

2. Configure default non Secure SIP Trunk Security Profile (this is used for a SIP trunk to CUPS for data information exchanged between the 2 servers only)
a. System > Security Profile > SIP Trunk Security Profile
b. Click "Find"
c. Select the "Non Secure SIP Trunk Profile"
d. check "Accept Presence Subscription" (Default Uncheck)
e. check "Accept Out-of-Dialog Refer" (Default Uncheck)
f. check "Accept Unsolicited Notification" (Default Uncheck)
g. check "Accept Replaces Header" (Default Uncheck)
h. Click “Save” to save your changes.

3. Configuring your CUPS as application server
a. System > Application Server
b. Click “Add New”
c. Select “Cisco Unified Presence Server” as the Application Server Type
d. Click “Next”
e. Enter CUPS hostname (e.g. cup6)
f. Click “Save”

4. Configure a SIP trunk between CUCM and CUPS
a. Device > Trunk
b. Click “Add New”
c. Set "Trunk Type" to "SIP Trunk", “Device Protocol” to "SIP"
d. Configure a Device Name with the IP address of the CUP server
e. Select Default Device Pool
f. Set “Destination Address” equal to the CUP FQDN under “SIP Information”
g. Set “SIP Trunk Security Profile” equal to “Non Secure SIP Trunk Profile”
h. Set “SIP Profile” equal to “Standard SIP Profile”
i. Click “Save”

5. Add a new CUPC on CUCM
a. Device > Phone
b. Add New
c. Select “Cisco Unified Personal Communicator”
d. Set device name to "UPCJACKIECHAN" if the username is "JACKIECHAN"
e. Device Pool > Default,
f. Device Security Profile > Cisco Unified Personal Communicator – Standard Security Profile
g. SIP profile > Standard SIP Profile
h. Save
i. Add DN 4002 to line 1
j. Save

6. Configure your group's End users and hard phone association (Assuming there is no LDAP authentication is used here)
a. User Management > End User
b. Add New
c. Set the User ID to jackiechan
d. Set Password to Cisco
e. Set PIN to 12345
f. Configure a Digest Credentials and Confirm Digest Credentials with "cisco"
g. Click Save
h. Click Device Association
i. Select the hard phone and CUPC for that user
j. Click "Save Selected Changes"
k. Click "Back to Users" at the top right hand corner
l. Enable "Allow Control of Device from CTI"
m. Set Primary Extension to your primary extension from the dropdown box
n. Save
o. Add your user to the User Group "Standard CCM End Users" and "Standard CTI Enabled"
p. System > Licensing > Capabilities Assignment > Find
q. Enable UPS, Enable UPC for the users

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