Friday, February 22, 2008

Reduce Communications Manager Interdigit timeout

If you are having variable length dial-plan, you might suffer long interdigit timeout after you key-in your numbers. If you don't want to press "#" at the end of your dialing to tell CUCM to process your call, you can shorten the default T302 timer from default 15000 to minimum 3000.

System > Service Parameters > Clusterwide Parameters (Device - General) > T302 Timer

T302 Timer
This parameter specifies an interdigit timer for sending the SETUP ACK message. The timer restarts each time Cisco CallManager receives a digit. When this timer expires, Cisco CallManager routes the dialed digits. For exact timer definitions, refer to the Q.931 specification.
This is a required field.
Default: 15000
Minimum: 3000
Maximum: 75000
Unit: msec

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