Thursday, February 9, 2012

Basic MGCP router configuration using ccm-manager config server command

After configuring UCM MGCP configuration, on router you can config the MGCP feature with ease.  There is a feature called "ccm-manager config server" which configs the MGCP gateway automatically, by pulling configuration file from UCM as well as automatically config the router controller, voice-port and serial interfaces.  The basic settings that you need are as follows:

mgcp bind control source-interface gi0/0
mgcp bind media source-interface gi0/0
ccm-manager config server ! UCM IP addresses, you can specify sub as primary and pub as backup
ccm-manager config

Then you can see the console messages showing the ISDN interface and other MGCP features are configured automatically.

Do a "show ccm-manager" and "show isdn status" to verify if it is configured properly.  If not, check out this post:

If you make any changes that is different from the UCM configuration (e.g. config a partial T1 instead of using all channels), remember to no ccm-manager config server otherwise your configuration will be override after reloading the router

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