Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cisco B-ACD on CME router - Drop-through option

In Cisco CME B-ACD, drop-through option can be configured so that when the AA services receive the incoming call, it will send the call directly to the call queue without provide menu options to callers.  This is useful for some small contact center backup, when the WAN link is downed and the site can't reach the contact center express or enterprise in the main site, it can still provide basic ACD service to the callers.

My Sample Configuration:

service aa flash:app-b-acd-aa-
  paramspace english index 0
  param number-of-hunt-grps 1
  param drop-through-option 1
  param handoff-string aa
  paramspace english language en
  param max-time-vm-retry 2
  param aa-pilot 5000
  paramspace english location flash:
  param second-greeting-time 60
  param drop-through-prompt
  param call-retry-timer 15
  param voice-mail 5555
  param max-time-call-retry 700
  param service-name callq
service callq flash:app-b-acd-
  param queue-len 10
  param aa-hunt1 5600
  param queue-manager-debugs 1
  param number-of-hunt-grps 1

dial-peer voice 5000 pots
service aa
incoming called-number 5000

ephone-hunt 1 longest-idle
pilot 5600
list 5111, 5112

When there is incoming call, on both of the phone with ephone-dn 5111 and 5112, the message "1 call in queue" will be shown on the phone screen and you will know how many callers waiting in the call queue.

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