Thursday, February 9, 2012

UCM + CUE integration example step-by-step

1. Create CUE End User on CUE

conf t

username boss create
username sec create

username boss phonenumber 1001
username sec phonenumber 1002


username boss pin 12345
username sec pin 12345

2. Config JTAPI subsystem on CUE

ccn subsystem jtapi
ctiport 1111 1112 1113 1114
ccm-manager address
ccm-manager username panda password eatsbamboo
end subsystem

3. Config JTAPI number on CUE

ccn trigger jtapi phonenumber 1110
application voicemail
maxsessions 4
end trigger

3. Create voice mailbox on CUE
voicemail mailbox owner boss

voicemail mailbox owner sec

4. Create UCM End User boss and sec on UCM

5. Create Voicemail Pilot 1110 on UCM

6. Create Voicemail Profile on UCM

7. Assign Voicemail Profile to DN of boss and sec

8. Create CTI Route Point 1110, same DN as voicemail pilot

9. Create CTI ports 1111, 1112, 1113 and 1114

10. Create application users panda and assign CTI route point and ports to it

Note: No MWI number is needed to create on UCM and CUE

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