Sunday, February 5, 2012

Automated Alternate Routing (AAR)

In the previous example, RSVP-based CAC is discussed:
In "Not Enough Bandwidth" scenario, you can enable AAR to kick in so that the call will be automatically rerouted to the PSTN instead of the congested WAN.

1.  Firstly enable the service parameter to turn on AAR.

2.  Create partition and CSS for AAR.

3.  Create AAR Group.  Add Dial Prefix if necessary.

4.  Apply AAR CSS and AAR Group to Device Pool, and assign AAR Group to DN.  If you don't input anything in the AAR destination mask, the destination phone external phone number mask will be used.

5.  Create the AAR route pattern with AAR partition to route the call

Reduce the location bandwidth and give it a try~

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