Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cisco UCM - Voice Mail Box Mask on Voice Mail Profile

The mask only mask the ReDir number.  Not the caller number, therefore:

When branch phone 5002 calls 5001 redir to 1220 (VM Pilot number, CUC in hub site) in SRST mode, it will mask the redir number from 98765001 (DID number) to 5001, therefore the caller 5002 can hear 5001's greeting instead of a general mailbox greeting.

However when 5001 press the voicemail envelop button on phone, the CLID is 98765001 therefore user 5001 doesn't able to listen to his personal greeting, as CUC doesn't recognize a subscriber has 98765001. It is not handled by the voice mail box mask.

One of the way is to enter 98765001 as alternate extension for the subscriber 5001.  If alternate extension is not a solution, you can use calling party transformation on UCM to manipulate the calling number, say for example create a new device pool for the voice mail ports on UCM and apply the calling party transformation CSS to this new device pool.

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